Terminology Consultation

Use the right words in the right context
Words are important. And not just because we are paid by word count. Choosing the right words for the given context is the key to effective communication. We are not smart enough to know by heart the terminology of all domains, from Accounting to Zoology. But we build, use and manage terminology every day, and we know exactly what terminology should look like. We are linguists who can talk to accountants and zoologists while making sure the terminology is extensive, consistent and easy to use. We also know how you could, would and should use your terminology. Terminology consultation is usually an ongoing effort. Optimally, we are in direct contact with the users of the products (and in many cases, we are part of the user community) to deal with suggestions and feedback effectively. In some aspects, we work like an outsourced Hungarian language department.

Language services*

Technical services**

* available in some languages
** all languages supported