We define ourselves as a translation company with a strong technical background.
  • Translation 45% 45%
  • Testing 20% 20%
  • Quality Assurance 12% 12%
  • Desktop Publishing 8% 8%
  • Localization Engineering 6% 6%
  • Subtitling 4% 4%
  • Audio Recording 3% 3%
  • Other 2% 2%
As a translation company, it’s no surprise that most of our revenue is generated from translation. But we don’t stop at translation: we can support the whole localization process. Would you like to be confident that the quality of your translator’s work is at the right level? We provide linguistic quality assurance in all our language pairs. Do you need someone to prepare your software for translation? We have the localization engineers to do that for you. Want to make sure that the translations display and work as expected? Our testers are happy to help. Need to have your translations in a printable format? We can do Desktop Publishing for you. Have a video that you need to have subtitled? No problem! Or would you prefer audio recording instead? We’ll arrange that for you with our partner studio.

Language services*

Technical services**

* available in some languages
** all languages supported