L10N, Xlate, localization: whatever you call it, translation is a vital step of the process. Project managers, localization engineers and testers can spot mistakes, but overall quality is determined by the translator.


TM, TB, CAT, TeNT, TMS: they are here to help our translators.

Translation is no longer a low-tech typewriter industry. In fact, it’s a very technology-intensive industry where it’s hard to keep up with developments.

Quality Management

Achieving quality is important. Maintaining quality is essential. To help ensure this, we operate an ISO quality management system.


You will soon realize that you need an engineer to deliver your translations effectively. What does an engineer do? He or she makes sure all your content is displayed in the right place and the right format.

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On Time

The schedule is the most important document of any project. Translation is no exception: every piece of text must be ready for publishing or integration as scheduled.

On Budget

You need to know the costs before the translation is started. Whenever possible, our quotes are based on source text, and include any cost saving we realize using technology.

On Board

We are happy to join your Hungarian team, and talk about the style and terminology you prefer. We make sure that your message is delivered in a consistent and effective way.

With Quality in Mind

Whenever we take a job, we follow our quality policy, which governs all our activities. We have an ISO 9001 QMS in place, and we are serious about using it.

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