A brief introduction
TEK Localizations was launched in 1999 with the aim of localizing engineering software products into Hungarian. Our team has experience in software localization that stretches back to 1996, when the founders of our company first took on software and documentation localization projects.

We started as a full-service localization company: we received a so-called Loc Kit (a disc containing all the sources needed to create localized software), and delivered a master CD ready for production.

We managed and implemented every aspect of the localization projects: preparing the sources for translation, carrying out the translation itself, building the software, creating the documentation, testing all the components, and finally releasing the project for manufacture.

If this sounds like a complicated process, that’s because it is. But the skills we gained then are still in use: we have the manpower and IT background to handle challenging translation, testing, DTP and engineering projects.

Being a focused full-service localization company puts us in a very convenient position, but it comes with certain risks as well.

Engineering translations may be highly entertaining if you are an engineer, but they are also limited in scope, and for a linguist they may become repetitive and monotonous. Even if you have manufacturing, architectural, mapping, civil engineering and electronics projects on board, sooner or later, you start to feel the need for even greater variety.

We also felt the urgent need to diversify our client base and expand our horizons and fields of activity. We took this strategic step by finding new clients and hiring new people at the same time.

Today, engineering is no longer the main subject we deal with: we have managed to position ourselves as leading experts in IT translations, with gaming as our fastest growing division.

Most companies do not allow gaming in the office. We encourage it. We firmly believe that we need to leverage our staff’s personal experience for the benefit of translation.

Our fields

  • IT 28% 28%
  • Engineering 24% 24%
  • Gaming 20% 20%
  • Consumer products 16% 16%
  • Automotive 14% 14%
  • Business documents 10% 10%
  • Other 8% 8%