Quality Policy

All our jobs are carried out in line with our quality policy.

TEK Localizations’ main scope of activity is to provide translation services for local and foreign companies. Our primary objective is to deliver a service of the highest quality in every aspect, which meets our customers’ requirements and expectations.

To achieve this objective:

  • we maintain ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, treating it as a tool to improve customer satisfaction;
  • we aim to be supremely acquainted with any explicit or tacit demands and to keep deadlines;
  • we continuously develop our services and tools to meet our customers’ requirements at the highest possible level;
  • we assess any risks and opportunities in our processes to continuously improve our Quality Management System;
  • when selecting our suppliers, we evaluate the circumstances that may affect the quality of our activities carried out with their contribution, and we expect them to identify with our quality objectives;
  • we continuously evaluate and verify the work of our suppliers and employees to ensure that the final product delivered to the customer always meets the requirements;
  • we provide regular feedback to our suppliers to help improvement of their services;
  • we insist on our colleagues having deep and up-to-date knowledge; they receive continuous training and we support their self-study initiatives;
  • we make sure that our colleagues and suppliers have access to all documents and guides required to carry out their work, and we make sure that these documents and guides stay up-to-date;
  • we make sure that our colleagues and suppliers are acquainted with and understand our quality policy, and adopt it in their work;
  • we continuously assess and improve the software and hardware we use in our work.

TEK Localizations’ management is committed to complying with the requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Our colleagues and suppliers understand and accept our quality policy and the directions of our Quality Management System, and are bound by them during the course of their work.

Last updated: 30 November, 2019