Try before you let it go.

Acceptance testing

Smoke and Sanity testing

Installation testing

Regression testing

You have made every effort to deliver a perfect product. Carefully selected project managers, engineers and translators worked on the project. Still, you cannot sit back and release it without first having a look at the results. Testing means looking at something systematically, trying to check everything possible. Even trying the unexpected.

Testing as a part of development

Developers are very smart people who make things happen, but they cannot think of every possible scenario. Testing should therefore be an integral part of any software development process. Our test leaders take the specifications, talk to your developers and create the test plan, including the detailed test cases to execute before release.

Testing of translated software products

Even if you have a perfectly working product, there are countless ways of wrecking it during translation and localization. From simple cosmetic issues caused by longer translation to random application crashes, each possible defect should be verified before product release. Our test team is always here to help you avoid the unavoidable.

Language services*

Technical services**

* available in some languages

** all languages supported